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It is a fact that work is a four-letter word. But so is love.

Question. Where would you be today in your dreams, pursuits and goals if you didn’t treat work like a four-letter word?

The prevalent trend is that hard work is the enemy. Sweat, toil, effort, and perseverance are a bit out of vogue. Brutal fact. Nothing proactive happens until someone acts. For sure, there is a time to plan, and a time to consider, and a time to dream, and to relax, and to recharge. I realize there are workaholics that can’t seem to ever stop and smell the roses.

But what is on the table for you to consider is that sheer laziness and lack of hard work causes much of your disappointment and failure. That’s old school, but it is true.

Where would you be today if you had just kept working and didn’t give up?

Ok, coach Dave. Enough of the guilt trip about my laziness and sloth!! How do I overcome my laziness? What do I do when I just don’t feel like working?

First, get clear about what you really want, and then get up and go for it with all your might. Establish a routine and disciplined practice that will take you toward your desired outcome. Hire a coach that will help you find that clarity, and then encourage you to keep going when you want to slack.

People are not worn out by hard work. They are worn out by a lack of completion. It is when you lose sight of the finish line, and you no longer are working with purpose, that you become tired, exhausted, and depressed.

The best way to overcome lethargy, depression, and tiredness is not a leisurely vacation. It is to get moving, serving and sweating. Plan your vacation as a rest and reward for a job well done.

Happy Monday morning. Let the work begin!!


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