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Thinking is Overrated

What do you do when you have a problem? You probably sit down and try to figure out a solution. After all, isn’t that the way to solve problems? You need to figure out “what” to do, right?

Not really. The solution to every problem is taking action. There is usually sufficient information to get started, and the real “problem” is a lack of action. For most challenges, lots of introspection just causes headaches and depression.

For sure, there is a time and a place for focused thought and brainstorming. There is no premium on ignorance and mindless activity. But wisdom is the application of knowledge. Often solutions to problems become clear while taking action. Even mistakes help reveal solutions. Thought is not action. No activity means no result. No result means no learning. No learning means no progress. No progress means the status quo remains. Problems persist due to inactivity.

Choose a current problem. How about that nagging one that has been on your mind? List three actions that you could take to start working on that problem. Choose one of those actions, and do it now. The first step is often the most difficult. Bodies at rest tend to stay at rest. That first step breaks inertia and begins proactive change.

You know what to do. Saying you don’t know what to do IS the problem. Saying “let me think about it” is a smokescreen. Today is the day to get started. Now is the time to rise and take that first step.

Action coaches have a saying; “The only failure is the failure to participate.” It is so true. Worry time is over! If you are overwhelmed, perplexed, and a little down, get up and do something. Take action and I guarantee you will feel better. You will be moving toward a resolution and a better place.


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