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The Vanishing Art of Conversation

In this world of texting, e-mail, and social media, I am concerned as a business coach, Biblical counselor and human being that the art of conversation is being lost and abandoned.

It seems there is an emerging generation of young people that are terrified to sit and have a conversation with anyone. They have been reared in an environment of video games, smart phones, tablets, and digital communication.

Technology has its place as a useful tool and helpful servant, but as a master it is de-humanizing society. For example, as you confront problems and have to negotiate with people who see things differently, there is no substitute for sitting face-to-face and giving another person your full presence and attention. The non-verbal expression of respect when you truly listen to another person to understand and feel their situation is a rare and powerful gift.

If you agree with my observation, I encourage you to work hard at finding a way to sit with people and have meaningful conversations. Leave the phone and i-pad somewhere else, and fully appreciate the other person’s being and thought. Ask good questions and listen deeply, not just to the words, but to their spirit. As you listen, maintain a true curiosity, validate your understanding, and seek to serve. Such an expression of love and care is so valuable. When you do speak, choose your words carefully, and be willing to open up your true self and take the risk to be transparent and vulnerable.

If your desire is to serve others through leadership, developing this art of conversation is a must. It begins by being a master listener in the context of empathy and caring, and someone who masters the use of language and expression.

I would enjoy having a great conversation with you!! Let me know if you are interested.


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