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The Power of Words

Did you know that you create your reality? I did not say that you create reality. Objective reality exists apart from your perception. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say you create your perception of reality; your experience.

You can experience past and future events in the present moment in your imagination. You can experience other people’s perceptions by listening to their story. The bridge that connects our present perception of the past and future is thought.

What communicates thought? Words. Words are the tool that create our perception of reality. Perception inspires and drives our responses and actions that produce results.

Here’s the point. The words that you choose create your perception of circumstances in the present moment. The words you choose to describe the past are often used to describe your expectations of the future. Why does your future often resemble your past? It is because you use past thought expressed in words to define future goals and expectations. That past thought drives present action that produces similar future outcomes. People use past code to program their biocomputer (brain), and that computer executes that past code and produces a future that is like the past.

What if you could change the program? Where could you go other than your past for the code? What if you chose a new language (new code) to create your perceptions? What if you began to define your present circumstances and your future possibilities with different words?

Consider the power of the words that you choose to define your situation, your circumstances, your job, your family, your health, your ability, your possibilities, your person. I encourage you to invest some effort in thinking about an idealized future, taking the words from that future, and programming those new words into your biocomputer. Those words will shift your thought, and that new thought will drive a new attitude and activity. As a coach, I help people rewrite their program and reprogram their biocomputer. Want some help?


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