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The Joy of Hard Work

I hope the title caught your attention. Most people consider hard work to be a curse, something to avoid, or at least something they hope they can eventually leave behind.

The fact is that hard work is good for you. The body was made to move, the mind to think, and the soul to pursue and achieve. Working and achieving goals is in truth, a blessing and a joy.

One of the joys of owning a business is the work involved. When your labors produce, the sense of accomplishment feels great. Even when you struggle, or make mistakes, the learning and redirection from those challenges are often what take you to the next victory.

Enjoying the fruit of your service is also a joy. Being empowered to make a difference and contribute value to others is delightful. If this is not your work experience, the hard work is not generally the drain. It is the lack of purpose, plan, and direction.

As a coach, I help people step back from their work and activity, and create that purpose, plan, and direction so that the work can become joyful, rewarding, and meaningful. There is nothing quite as depressing as just forcing yourself to go through the motions day after day. There is a way to bring joy and zest back to your work. If you are working hard, and not having fun, it’s time to understand what’s happening and make a change. You need to create a purpose, plan, and direction. It provides a context for your work that will make it a delight!


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