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The Goal of Being vs. Doing

Often goal setting is focused on what people want to do and accomplish and what they want to have. A powerful alternative way to set goals is to determine your aspirational identity. Who do you want to BE?

What I eventually have and what I do pales in comparison with who I want to become. There are multitudes of opportunities, choices, and potential options for future pursuits, projects, and activities. I love to keep my flexibility and options for the future.

However, who I aspire to be is not optional. There are non-negotiable values that I want to see developed as I grow older, regardless of what I am doing in the future. I want to be decisive, engaged, energetic, resilient, and kind. These are my true goals. This is my focus. These values are the compass that set my direction and choices.  What I own and my financial status is a lower priority to who I want to become.

I encourage you to rethink goal setting in terms of core values and character.  It has given me a fresh new relationship with goals and vision for the future.


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