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Taking Aim

Did you know that the word “aim” “estimate” and “esteem” all ultimately come from the same Latin word aestimare?  Consider how these words are related.

Esteem means to place value.  For example, my self-esteem is my self-evaluation.  An estimate is an evaluation of the cost to complete a project. When you take aim, you are evaluating and adjusting the direction of a weapon so that you will hit a target.

These words teach us some interesting things about goal setting and intentional living.  Based on what you esteem, you set a goal.  A goal is a target that you want to hit.  You take aim at the target and estimate what it will cost to acheive the goal.  The goal gives you a direction to pursue, like a compass.

The proactive discipline of setting and pursuing goals is as valuable as achieving the goals.  The value of setting goals is developing the practice of living intentionally, not aimlessly.

My question for you is this; Where are you currently living with a clear direction and purpose, and where are you drifting aimlessly?


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