Success Stories

What do our clients say about us?

“I believe that hiring Dave Beam as a business coach is one of the best decisions we have ever made. Dave’s coaching has helped me and all our team members to be more efficient and effective in our businesses.  Dave helped us to clarify what we want our business to be and then create a map to get there.”

Ron DeTemple

R.D. Properties and R.D. Developers

“One of the things that I love most about my coaching program is my interaction and relationship with Dave. The program is set up to truly cater to my specific business needs.

Dr. Jeremiah Holmes

Holmes Chiropractic

“To every improvement there is a cost, if you want to get there and get there fast, hire a coach. If you want to take the  slow boat to china, read a book. However, for our business, hiring Dave paid for itself within the first couple of months!”

Vicki Marshall

VDM Management Company - Little Caesars Franchisee

“Dave Beam changed our company.  No longer are we chasing our tails in circles and always seeming out of breath.  Now, our whole team is pointed in one direction and focused on a common goal.  Dave is a very big part of our company and it’s impossible to imagine the future without him.”


Joel Beverly

President, Apogee Environmental & Archaeological, Inc.

“I am pleased to recommend Dave Beam without reservation.  I’ve always been a driven goal setter, but he’s provided a fresh perspective to my approach.  He’s been kind but unrelenting in challenging long-held beliefs about success and leadership.  In identifying real barriers to effective communication with my team, he’s helped bring clarity and understanding to our conversations.  And in our pursuit of what matters, namely uncommon results and a meaningful personal life, he’s exposed and helped to dispel unhelpful myths, superstitions and excuses.  If you’re looking for a quick and meaningful re-charge to your drive, a change of perspective or wish to talk through your plans for fundamental change with a thoughtful and unbiased ear, you’ve found a great resource.”

Jim Donnally

Chief Financial Officer Glockner Enterprises

“Coaching has helped me continually stay focused on my business goals. It has also helped me set and prioritize new goals which are realistic and in line with my long term vision for the business. Working with Dave has helped me get to a place that it would have taken me years to get to otherwise… if I ever would have even gotten here.”

Jeremy Jackson

Jackson Environmental

Dave Beam has had a transformational effect on my business. He has taught me to ignore conventional wisdom…as it turns out, there ARE enough hours in the day, you CAN find great help, and most importantly, you CAN have a thriving, growing business AND a great family life. I can’t recommend strongly enough.


Scott Connors

Harvey Goodman Realtors

Dave Beam has had a huge impact on my growth as a leader over the past nine years. He has challenged me to think and respond differently to problems and opportunities that arise in our company. Through many conversations and resources that Dave Beam has provided I have had the confidence to implement changes that are improving the culture at Arrick’s Propane.




Josh Greene

Arricks Propane

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