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Are you a person who perseveres and continues standing, or do you often give up on your projects, goals and dreams? I am sure that all of us have stayed the course in some pursuits and quit in others.

Persistence is an important component of success. In fact, much of the satisfaction and joy from winning comes from the effort expended to hang in there, push through, and not give up.

Consider where you are today because you chose to persist and not give up? Where could you be today if you had persisted and not quit? What might you achieve in the future if you choose to stand strong and continue moving forward?

At times life and business are a battle. The temptation to quit can be fierce. One reason to have a coach is to help get perspective and encouragement when you are in the middle of that fight to win.

Sometimes the best way to move forward is to accept a loss and move past it.  At other times, the best choice is to stand strong and move through the resistance. To choose wisely, you need clarity on your true priorities and values.

I can help get that clarity.  If you are open to coaching, e-mail me (davidbeam@coachdavebeam.com), and we’ll schedule a conversation.


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