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To persevere is to continue despite difficulty. The culture promotes comfort and luxury as the ultimate good. The reality is that those who are most alive and satisfied are those who have fought, persevered, and won the battle.

Hardship provides the opportunity for growth and development. Sustained resistance builds strength. Testing and trial differentiate average from excellent and produce champions.
How do you determine if a person is trustworthy? How do they respond when facing problems? Do they persevere until they solve the problem, or do they give up? A leader that can be trusted is a leader that refuses to quit.

So how does one develop such perseverance? There is only one way. It is through experiencing difficulty, hardship, and suffering with endurance and resolve. Perseverance is a muscle that grows strong through lifting heavy weights.

Are you facing a difficult challenge, carrying a heavy weight, or fighting a fierce battle? Be encouraged and realize that this is your opportunity to persevere and grow strong. The true battle is between your ears. Keep mentally focused on the goal, and refuse to give up! You might slip and falter, but you always can get up and keep going.

Dale Carnegie, world-renowned author and speaker said it this way: “Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success”.


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