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People Issues

People, people, people. “My business would be great except for the employees and the customers!” I agree that working effectively with people is challenging. It is the aspect of business and organizations that causes the most frustration, stress, and difficulty.

My response to that frustration comes from business philosopher Jim Rohn; “Don’t wish that life was easier, wish that you were better.” The fact is you are a people as well! And the person that you can and must change is you. When you become better, the people around you will improve as well, especially if you are the leader.

With clear direction, leadership, and management, most people excel. The hard truth is that without a good leader and clear systems, people are a mess. Certainly, recruiting the right people for your organization is one key to solving this problem. But the best people are attracted to the best leaders and organizations.

An essential key to addressing people issues is to create clearly defined roles, goals, and agreements. If the team clearly understands expectations, and the leader sustains and promotes great core values, the right people will stay with the organization, and the others will leave.

As a coach, here are three key questions I would ask you to help you address your people issues – What are your non-negotiables? What are you tolerating? Where have you given up? Your honest consideration and answer to these questions will help you identify what needs to change to effectively address your people issues.


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