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Passion and Purpose

Define the word passion. Most would say it means a strong desire or feeling. However, the root meaning of the word comes from the Latin root “pati”, which means to undergo, endure, or experience. This word was originally connected to suffering. The suffering of Jesus Christ on the cross is often called “The Passion of Christ”. At a root level, passion refers to the will to undergo and endure suffering for a greater purpose.

What is purpose? It is an aim, intention, or goal. Suffering without purpose begets hopelessness. It is having a clear purpose for suffering that sustains you through the pain. In fact, you learn that the suffering itself is an essential ingredient for realizing the purpose. This captures the root meaning of the word Passion.

My coaching question is simple. What purpose do you possess that will sustain you through the difficulties and sufferings? Is that purpose strong enough to provide the willingness to suffer and persevere to the finish line? It is your purpose that fuels the willingness to persevere and push through to victory.

Are you going through some difficult times right now? Are you tempted to throw in the towel and give up? Find someone that can help you regain a clear picture of your purpose. It will reignite your passion and sustain you through the difficulty and on to victory!


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