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One Way to Increase Your Creativity

Here’s a simple practice that you can do to increase your creative ability. Set aside a short period of time, perhaps in the morning, to think. Come to that time with no agenda. Maybe you could bring a writing instrument (no computer or phone or tablet) and a yellow pad of paper.

Begin by trying 15 minutes. I have used a 15-minute sand timer (hourglass) for the practice. Just allow thoughts to come, consider them, and you can certainly allow them to pass as well. Become acutely aware of your surroundings, the myriad of sounds, how each part of your body feels, the subtle colors, the lighting, the shadows, the smells and odors, your breathing. Allow your senses to fully awaken and inform you. Jot some notes from the experience.

If you will make this a practice, with no certain agenda or desired outcome, you will give your mind a chance to actively rest. Within us is amazing potential. Our brain is the most sophisticated system on this planet, and it just makes sense to learn how to tap into its potential.

That’s it for this article. It’s showtime! I challenge you to go give it a try for a week or so and be sure to journal your experience. You might be surprised what begins to emerge if you give yourself some creative space!


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