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Moving from Scarcity to Abundance

I really believe that how I view the world, my customers, my employees, and even myself has a profound influence on my results. Would you agree?

Most people acknowledge that how we think affects our results. One such paradigm is abundance vs. scarcity. Here are some definitions:

Abundant – more than what is needed; plenteous; much
Scarce – hard to get; not enough; constricted; little

How do you see the world? More than enough, or too little? I am asserting that most of my audience is surrounded with more than enough. If you think about it, what you truly need for survival is minimal. You need air, basic shelter, clean water and food. Beyond those essentials, everything else is abundance! If you are willing, you can view the world as an abundant place where there is plenty to share, to invest, to give, and to celebrate.

If you embrace abundance, you will live in joy and love. You will be a giver, rather than a taker. Giving becomes a joy. You will view your purpose as more a pipeline to channel abundance through you to others. Abundance tells me that giving is the means of multiplying what I have so I can give even more.

If you are held to scarcity, you will live in fear of poverty and loss. You will be a taker, and tend to hoard. You will view life as a competition to gather and store as much as you can for yourself. You will always feel a lack and a need for more. Scarcity warns me that if I give, I will lack what I need and will suffer.

What does all this mean in a practical sense? In business, if I am abundant, my goal from day to day is to create and bring value to others such as my customers, my employees, my family, and my community. I look for the opportunity to give. My so-called competitor is someone to help, not fight! I will seek to pay my employees more, not less. Abundant people are attractive. They are joyous, fun, celebrating people that are full of life and gratitude. Abundant people grow and prosper – it is just a fundamental law of the universe. Scarce people shrivel and wither away.

All of us carry both paradigms. My coaching challenge for you today is to consider a shift toward abundance and away from scarcity. It begins with being thankful for what you have now. Then seek a way to give it away. Try it. You’ll love it.


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