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Just Own It!

So you have a problem. Perhaps a person who has misunderstood you. Maybe you’re feeling a little used, or at least ignored. It might be that you have a team member that just isn’t cutting the mustard. Maybe you’ve made a mistake, and would rather just move on and not really deal with it. Perhaps you are late on a payment and owe some money. Things are not working, and someone needs to make a change.

My friend, all of these “situations” are providing you with a wonderful opportunity to choose who you want to be. Whatever the situation, OWN IT. Do the right thing. Do the best thing. Do what it takes to resolve it. Take full responsibility. Drop the excuse, and blame, and the procrastination.

Just own it! Effective leaders rise up and take hold – 100%. They don’t waste time trying to figure out who to blame. They just say “Here’s what happened, here’s how I messed up, and now let’s figure out what are we going to do about it, and do it.”

What are you not owning 100%? What are you avoiding? Where are you in a bit of denial, or passing the buck? You’re better than that. I know that because you would have never kept reading this message!!! So drop the excuses, quit the whining, wake up, and just own it. Get up, take a breath, smile, schedule the conversation, take the action, laugh, and lead. You’ll feel much better when you take action!


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