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Is it Easy to Buy from You?

If you are a business owner, customer service representative, or salesperson, here is a simple but powerful question. How easy is it to do business with you?

Businesses that make it easy to buy will outsell their competition hands down. Amazon. Need I say anything more? A few clicks and I can have almost anything delivered to my door. How easy is that?

Here’s the principle that drives simplification: It’s all about the customer.

Often the things that make it difficult to do business are about making it easier for the business, not the customer. Businesses that will invest the time and money to make it easier for the customer will find more people buying from them. This is an effective way to differentiate yourself from your competition and also move another step away from strictly selling on the lowest price point.

Here’s your coaching challenge: Write down 10 ways you could make it easier for customers to buy from you. Then consider each one and determine if it makes sense to implement it. Then do it.


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