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“I’m Overwhelmed”

Successful people always have more to do than time to do it. However, it is ineffective to think that you do not have enough time. That is a useless, paralyzing thought. You have all the time there is. 24 hours a day. No more, no less. When you say “I need more time” or “I don’t have time for that” you have lied to yourself, and placed yourself in a no win situation. You have all the time there is, and there is no more to be had!

So since a lack of time is never the problem, what is? It is a lack of clarity. You have not clarified what is most important. If a loved one is suffering and needs your assistance, you would not have a time management problem. You drop everything and help them.

When you have a clear priority, time is not the issue. You do what is most important.
When you feel overwhelmed, and that you don’t have enough time, the true question that must be addressed is this: “What is most important?” This most interesting question is also a very neglected question. The answer to that question will set you free from overwhelm.

As a coach, I help people clarify their priorities. The driving force behind establishing priorities is values. What matters most to you? What are the non-negotiable, most essential values in your organization and life? When you are clear about that question, you choose to do what is aligned with those values, and say NO to what is not.
Defining your values and getting crystal clear on what is most important will solve your so-called time management problems. Overwhelm will disappear.

Clarity + Action = Results.


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