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How to Transform Company Morale

Does your organization have core values? How well do you know and practice them?

Organizations typically have a set of core values that are listed and posted, perhaps on a website or in a marketing brochure, but not as part of the day-to-day operation of the organization. They are often just aspirational, which means they are nice platitudes that we hope we follow most of the time. Often core values are ignored, and sometimes even a source of cynicism. “Oh, we say that we embrace kindness, yeah, right!!

I coach a practical model of core value use that transforms company culture. First you must affirm only the values that truly define your culture. These values must be non-negotiable standards that apply to every team member. They must be the primary basis for hiring, firing, evaluation and celebration. Effective core values define the organizational DNA and identity.

I have coached several organizations that have transformed the morale and spirit of the company by investing time and attention on defining and communicating core values. The hiring process is centered around attracting and recruiting people who embrace and display the core values. The values become the primary standard of evaluation and accountability up and down the organization. No one is exempt.

Such rigor creates a culture of people who are truly on the same page. It also provides a clear message that if someone does not embrace and practice the core values, they will not remain on the team.

Finally, everyone makes it a priority to catch each other demonstrating and celebrating these values. One company I coached gathers for a few minutes every Friday afternoon to recognize how team members have displayed the core values that week. It is a powerful and transformational ritual.

You can create a strong team culture. Shared core values are the basis. It is a delight to implement core values because it drives excellence and company performance.


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