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How to Increase Your Production Capacity

Stephen Covey in his classic, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, discusses the balance of Production and Production Capacity, P/PC balance. Increasing your production capacity requires proactive development of each team member’s skills, mindset, maturity, critical thinking, problem solving, emotional intelligence, confidence and leadership influence. Some of these traits will develop on the job over time, but proactively investing in a focused and deliberate process can increase your production capacity much quicker. The best coaching and training will pay for itself many times over.

Many organizations place investing in their team at a low priority. The fact is that developing your team is the number one investment that will bring the greatest return in your organization.

Many leaders view team training as an expense. Things like personal development, communication, team building, personal organization, and improving management skills take people away from their job, so productivity drops. However, if you will view people development as an investment in your organization, you will choose and implement training that provides the best return.

Think about it. The weakest link in your business is likely your people. Your best people crave the opportunity to grow and improve. Management acumen and skills are not natural, but they can be taught and learned. Transformational training is not a two-hour seminar, but a process that occurs over time. The best training regime works long term on both the inside (mindset) and the outside (skillset).

If you are interested in discussing an investment in developing your management team, I would love to have a conversation. E-mail me davidbeam@coachdavebeam.com.


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