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How to Appreciate and Enjoy Employee Evaluations

This is likely a new thought – enjoying employee evaluation. At best, most managers push through them as quick as possible to get them out of the way. Others avoid them, ignoring the prompts of HR to get them done. If this sounds familiar, I want you to consider reinventing the process and creating something that will be effective, positive and enjoyable.

Great feedback is the breakfast of champions! Those who improve their performance are happier, and happier team members do better work.
High performing employees appreciate honest, open feedback. It is difficult to improve what you don’t evaluate. Employees that want to get better appreciate a fair evaluation and an opportunity to improve their performance.

Employees that perform at average or lower levels need honest, open feedback and coaching so that they can get improve. It is essential that they get a clear picture of their performance and recognize that they can improve. You can’t change what you don’t see.

Employees that are failing at their job need to be redirected into a job that they can do or face the reality that they can’t adequately do their job and must leave.

The key to making this process enjoyable is positioning and context. Here’s what it can be. Full mutual respect and kindness are essential. The evaluation session is a wonderful supportive conversation. The process and tools are designed to help the employee be the best that they can be. The manager serves as a supporting coach, not a critic. The employee primarily evaluates their own performance. The coach/manager asks good questions and helps them reflect and discover what they don’t see and face what they have been avoiding. The session is an opportunity to set goals, get support and help, deal with obstacles, acknowledge and celebrate progress, and express gratitude.

If this thought of enjoyable employee evaluations interests you and you want to explore how coaching could help you and your team with this process, send me an e-mail me (davidbeam@coachdavebeam.com.) and we will schedule a conversation.


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