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Did you know that the word which now means “courageous” comes from the word “barbarous”, which means “uncivilized, savage, and wild”?

Often, being courageous appears savage, wild, untamed, passionate, and on fire. It is the opposite of a settled, calm, mediocre acceptance of the established status quo.

Change never occurs within comfort. There is a time for leaders to rise in courage and call for change. As a coach it is the moment when I ask the question that rocks the boat, stirs the pot, and challenges the establishment. A compelling question uncovers what has been accepted and ignored. It brings new possibility to the situation. It pricks the heart, creates dissatisfaction and calls the hearers to rise to the challenge and take action. Questions create accountability.

So what current challenges do you see? Why do those long- standing problems still remain. Maybe it is because no one has been courageous; willing to appear as uncivilized, savage, and wild. People pleasing is the plague that sustains a civilized acceptance of conditions that ought not to be!!

Here’s your coaching question for today. What do you see within yourself that must change? What have you tolerated and allowed to remain that now must go?

Put on your war paint. Don your armor. Grab your sword. Declare war. Draw your line in the sand. Proclaim loudly and without shame that the status quo is no longer acceptable. Then go and conquer.


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