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How do you see and experience this first day of 2018? In one sense, it’s just another day. In another sense, it’s an awe filled, ...

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Just Own It!

So you have a problem. Perhaps a person who has misunderstood you. Maybe you’re feeling a little used, or at least ignored. It might be ...

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The root of the word “resign” is “sign”. The verb sign goes back to the Latin derivative , signare, which means mark. Hence, your signature ...

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When was the last time that someone surprised you, in a good way? How did you feel? Everyone appreciates a little unexpected expression of thoughtfulness. ...

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To persevere is to continue despite difficulty. The culture promotes comfort and luxury as the ultimate good. The reality is that those who are most ...

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First Impressions

What first impressions do you and your business leave with people? It is a question worth considering if you are wanting to attract and retain ...

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Employee Problems

Here are some questions and statements for your consideration to help you face your employee challenges. 1. I feel like my employees are holding me ...

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True Kindness

A kind person is a giving person. A truly kind person meets needs, regardless of personal sacrifice or cost. Let me speak to you as ...

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