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People Issues

People, people, people. “My business would be great except for the employees and the customers!” I agree that working effectively with people is challenging. It ...

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Honoring the Absent

The quickest way to kill team morale and ruin trust is to allow gossip. I define gossip as communicating negatively about someone when they are ...

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Leading vs Driving People

I define effective leadership as creating a positive sustained result through others. As a coach, it is ALL about results. Question: Are you getting the ...

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Unclear Equals Unkind

     I don’t understand my employees! It’s just hard to find good people these days. I realize that recruiting and hiring good team members ...

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Serious Joy

Leadership is influence. Effective leaders have willing followers. True loyalty from the heart cannot be mandated, it is inspired. Question: Are people more likely to ...

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Core Values (Part 1)

They are non-negotiables. They define you. They set the boundaries. They are the filter for admission into your organization. They are the basis for accountability. ...

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Confronting Problems

Do you have any problems in your organization? What are you doing to solve them? What conversations need to happen? Who do you need to ...

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We Can’t Find Good People

When I ask the question, “What is your biggest business challenge?”, a very common frustrating response that I hear from business owners and managers is, ...

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