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Taking Aim

Did you know that the word “aim” “estimate” and “esteem” all ultimately come from the same Latin word aestimare?  Consider how these words are related. ...

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It is a fact that work is a four-letter word. But so is love. Question. Where would you be today in your dreams, pursuits and ...

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The Power of Words

Did you know that you create your reality? I did not say that you create reality. Objective reality exists apart from your perception. Perhaps it ...

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Did you know that the word which now means “courageous” comes from the word “barbarous”, which means “uncivilized, savage, and wild”? Often, being courageous appears ...

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Creating Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy. It then makes sense to ask the obvious question, “Where does happiness come from?”. Many believe they would be happy ...

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Small Things

Most people dismiss small things. A single word of encouragement. A little lie. A minor habit. The fact is that our lives consist of single ...

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Snow Globe

Have you ever seen a snow globe…a sealed ornamental glass globe filled with water, and white shiny particles representing snow, and some nostalgic winter scene ...

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One Day at a Time

This is a discipline that will transform your performance. Dale Carnegie in his book “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” shared the lesson about ...

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Confidence. Most of us recognize it in others, and sense it when we have it or not. It comes from a root word that means ...

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Have you made any mistakes lately? If you are a human being, the answer is yes! Mistakes are an essential component of learning. Toddlers learn ...

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Simply stated, optimism is perceiving your circumstances as the best they can be. Optimism alone does not create success. However, sustained success will not occur ...

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Confronting Problems

Do you have any problems in your organization? What are you doing to solve them? What conversations need to happen? Who do you need to ...

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