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Entropy – the lack of order or predictability, the gradual decline into disorder, deterioration, degeneration, crumbling, decline, degradation, decomposition, breaking down, collapse It’s in your ...

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Just Own It!

So you have a problem. Perhaps a person who has misunderstood you. Maybe you’re feeling a little used, or at least ignored. It might be ...

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Passion and Purpose

Define the word passion. Most would say it means a strong desire or feeling. However, the root meaning of the word comes from the Latin ...

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Listen to Understand

The ultimate respect you can give another person is the gift of listening. The pace of modern life is crazy. People exchange information all day ...

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Getting Help

Why don’t people ask for help? Maybe it’s because they don’t feel like they need it. Perhaps they would rather do it themselves. Sometimes it ...

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When was the last time that someone surprised you, in a good way? How did you feel? Everyone appreciates a little unexpected expression of thoughtfulness. ...

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Curiosity Is Your Friend

Webster’s definition for curious is eager to know, inquisitive, and strange. Toddlers are curious. As they learn to talk, they ask questions. Why, why, why? ...

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The Power of One

If you struggle with commitment, follow-through, and completion, this message is for you. If you want sustained change, read and follow the instructions. Make a written list of all ...

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The Power of Restriction

To restrict is to limit or confine. Picture a locomotive engine sitting on the ground in the middle of a cornfield. Open. Free. No restriction. ...

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