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Problems are for Solving

What do I do as a business coach? Facilitate problem solving. Most people avoid problems. The complain, whine, procrastinate, ignore, sidestep, minimize, discount, and deny ...

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Social Pleasing

Social pleasing is a polite, accommodating habit of extreme niceness for the purpose of being liked and accepted by others. A social pleaser would never ...

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It’s Not Working

As a coach, I’m all about perseverance. “Never give up” is a most important discipline that you must practice if you are going to overcome ...

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Entropy – the lack of order or predictability, the gradual decline into disorder, deterioration, degeneration, crumbling, decline, degradation, decomposition, breaking down, collapse It’s in your ...

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Take Out the Head Trash!

“I’ll never amount to anything!”; “That is just way too hard”; “I guess I’m just lazy”; ”That’s just my personality”; “You can’t teach an old ...

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Taking Fun Seriously

Fun. Not serious by definition. Fact is, learning, efficiency, engagement, participation, health, and teamwork all get better when it’s happening. How do you promote fun ...

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Just Own It!

So you have a problem. Perhaps a person who has misunderstood you. Maybe you’re feeling a little used, or at least ignored. It might be ...

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Simple is defined as having only one or a few parts. If you are facing a complex problem, break it down into its simple parts, ...

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Listen to Understand

The ultimate respect you can give another person is the gift of listening. The pace of modern life is crazy. People exchange information all day ...

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The Joy of Hard Work

I hope the title caught your attention. Most people consider hard work to be a curse, something to avoid, or at least something they hope ...

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Curiosity Is Your Friend

Webster’s definition for curious is eager to know, inquisitive, and strange. Toddlers are curious. As they learn to talk, they ask questions. Why, why, why? ...

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