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Just Own It!

So you have a problem. Perhaps a person who has misunderstood you. Maybe you’re feeling a little used, or at least ignored. It might be ...

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Listen to Understand

The ultimate respect you can give another person is the gift of listening. The pace of modern life is crazy. People exchange information all day ...

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Getting Help

Why don’t people ask for help? Maybe it’s because they don’t feel like they need it. Perhaps they would rather do it themselves. Sometimes it ...

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True Kindness

A kind person is a giving person. A truly kind person meets needs, regardless of personal sacrifice or cost. Let me speak to you as ...

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The root word for integrity is “integer”. An integer is a whole number. People of integrity are whole; they are single minded; “what you see ...

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The Leadership Mirror

I often get comments of frustration and complaints from business owners concerning their employees. “They just don’t care” or “They seem so unhappy” or “They ...

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Fountain or Drain

Are you most often a fountain, or a drain? Are people refreshed, encouraged, uplifted, and inspired by your presence, or are they worn, discouraged, down, ...

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The Donut Hole

Stephen R Covey in his classic book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, talks about leadership as influence. He uses the visual of two ...

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