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Taking Fun Seriously

Fun. Not serious by definition. Fact is, learning, efficiency, engagement, participation, health, and teamwork all get better when it’s happening. How do you promote fun ...

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Passion and Purpose

Define the word passion. Most would say it means a strong desire or feeling. However, the root meaning of the word comes from the Latin ...

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Listen to Understand

The ultimate respect you can give another person is the gift of listening. The pace of modern life is crazy. People exchange information all day ...

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The Joy of Hard Work

I hope the title caught your attention. Most people consider hard work to be a curse, something to avoid, or at least something they hope ...

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The Thrill of Winning

It seems a type of social shame has developed around the glory of winning. The “aw shucks” form of fake humility, and the concept that ...

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The Balloon

A hot air balloon, unbound and not weighted will go up. Up is its natural state. So what keeps a hot air balloon down? Tethers ...

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Staying the Course

This is another one of those self-evident principles that often lacks application. Have you ever considered how often you would have succeeded if you had ...

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Fountain or Drain

Are you most often a fountain, or a drain? Are people refreshed, encouraged, uplifted, and inspired by your presence, or are they worn, discouraged, down, ...

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Pursuing Excellence

As a coach, I help people achieve excellence. The path to excellence is created by taking one misstep after another. Failure is the process. Trial ...

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The Seasons of Life

Choose to enjoy whatever environment you find today.

Action Coach Dave Beam
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Dance with what comes, and quit wasting emotional energy on wishing things were different. — Action Coach Dave Beam I woke up this morning to ...

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The Formula For Change

By Action Business Coach Dave Beam Change.  We all know it happens.  Sometimes we love it.  Other times we dread it.  But the only thing ...

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