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Honoring the Absent

The quickest way to kill team morale and ruin trust is to allow gossip. I define gossip as communicating negatively about someone when they are ...

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There is what occurs, and there is what you perceive. Your perception is your mental processing of the stimuli produced by what occurs. Your perception ...

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Unclear Equals Unkind

     I don’t understand my employees! It’s just hard to find good people these days. I realize that recruiting and hiring good team members ...

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Social Pleasing

Social pleasing is a polite, accommodating habit of extreme niceness for the purpose of being liked and accepted by others. A social pleaser would never ...

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Expectations are the Enemy

Spouses, friends, vendors, customers, employees, family ……  we all carry expectations of other people.  I want to propose that expectations are the source of hurt ...

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