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Are You Feeling Overwhelmed at Work?

It seems that employees are being asked to do more at work these days with less resources. People retire but often aren’t replaced. Departments are downsized and then expected to handle even more work. On top of all that, nothing ever seems to stay the same; New systems, procedures, and policies. Organizations merge, and that creates even more uncertainty and change.

The result is that many good employees are overwhelmed, fearful and discouraged. Department managers and organization leaders are struggling to maintain productivity and keep people engaged and working! Are there answers and practical help for such situations?

Yes. There is a way to significantly help that has nothing to do with changing the outward situation. It is teaching people how to reframe and reprocess what is occurring. The fact is that you cannot always control and change what is occurring, but you can change how it occurs to you.

Your feelings of overwhelm are not caused circumstances, or what occurs. Negative emotions such as fear, frustration, and overwhelm are responses to our thought about what is occurring. How we define, judge, and label the situation determines how we feel about it. Changed thinking produces changed feelings.

I am not suggesting that people deny reality, use positive words and thoughts to lie to themselves and ignore real problems. That is denial, and it’s deadly. What I am proposing is that you can learn how to reframe your language, thought, and attitude about difficult situations to maximize your response and performance. You can learn how to eliminate anxiety, fear, cynicism, and toxic drama so that you can better address the challenge.

As a coach, I teach people how to transform thought to maximize performance and results, especially when facing challenging situations.
If you would like to discuss your situation with me and consider how I might help your team overcome overwhelm and improve attitudes and production, e-mail me (davidbeam@coachdavebeam.com) to schedule a conversation.


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