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A Difficult Leadership Decision

One of the most difficult aspects of leadership is making decisions that affect people’s lives. If a leader cares about his people, this will be tough. There are times when the best decision for the team will create difficulty and pain for certain individual team members.

The driving principle is mission and purpose. When a leader is clear on the mission and purpose of the organization, then there is an accountability for each team member to step up to that bigger purpose and mission.

Synergy is when the whole becomes greater than the sum of the individual parts. For high level team synergy to occur, each individual must see the mission and the purpose to be greater than their individual needs and desires. A synergistic team member will be willing to forego their own immediate gratification for the good of the whole.

If a team member is unwilling to place the purpose of the team above themselves, the leader is faced with a decision. That team member has chosen to put their personal comfort and needs above the team. They are failing to participate 100% as a team member. It is the leader’s responsibility to challenge that team member to recognize it, and then invite that member to rejoin the team or leave.

Effective leaders care for people. And as the leader, they must also realize that no one individual is more important than the whole. The mission and purpose must be the basis for decisions. Effective leaders of winning teams will make the difficult calls. My role as a coach is to ask the leader and the team members questions.

Are you ready to take your team to the next level, and make the hard decisions?


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