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The Power of Restriction

To restrict is to limit or confine. Picture a locomotive engine sitting on the ground in the middle of a cornfield. Open. Free. No restriction. ...

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The root word for integrity is “integer”. An integer is a whole number. People of integrity are whole; they are single minded; “what you see ...

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I Know

The other day my wife Connie and I wanted to know the best way to cut up a butternut squash. Within minutes on our smart ...

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Don’t Fence Me In

Cole Porter wrote a song years ago that began with the lyric – Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above, don’t ...

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Owner or Victim

It’s a cornerstone of my coaching career; the distinction between OWNER and VICTIM. It’s a simple paradigm; the way you see the world, yourself, and ...

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The Delusion of Fear

Just one simple question: What are you afraid of, and how is that fear affecting you and your situation? All fear is generated thought, and ...

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Problem or Puzzle?

Do you have a nagging problem? Have you been avoiding it? I am proposing a shift of thinking that will help you solve that problem. ...

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